¿Qué obtengo al inscribirme en Innovagogía?


  • The admitted papers (communications) will be published in the Congress website associated to the Thematic Line to which it is presented (accessible only to congressmen). Each congress member will be able to access all of them, read them, comment on them and make suggestions in the Virtual Forum of the Congress.
  • The contributions to the Congress will be unpublished works, of a scientific or professional nature in the mode of presentation will be the subject of the following publications:
    1. The summeries of the accepted papers will be included in an original publication with ISBN in the documentation of the Congress (Minutes Book).
    2. The works (no longer summaries) will be included, as a monograph, in an original publication with ISBN by the Editorial Octaedro (SPI with first percentile in Education)

emp octaedro


  1. Finally, as estimated by the Scientific Committee, depending on its educational relevance and scientific rigor, many of the communications presented may also be proposals for publication in the Hekademos Digital Educational Journal or in the International Journal of Educational Research and Innovation. To do this, they must suffer again the double-blind review provided for in the Journal's Rules and the adaptations that are pertinently proposed for its new publication.

rev ijeri    rev hekademos

  • The works must be proposed under a specific Thematic Line of the Congress. However, the Scientific Committee is responsible for both the acceptance of the work and the final decision on the modality of presentation and award to a specific Section.
  • The acceptance of the complete text and the resolution of the Scientific Committee will be communicated by email, to the person signing the work or in case of being a team, to whom it is headed in the presented documentation.
  • The number of contributions cannot be more than two, either individually or by registered team.
  • When the works are signed by a team, at least one of the people must be registered at the time of delivery of the full text. In addition, all persons who make up said team must have made their registration in the Congress before March 2, 2018. If the entire team is not registered, or do so after that date, the paper will be published including only the names of those people who have registered and made the corresponding payment.
  • Those persons whose contributions are not admitted by the Scientific Committee, will have the right to request the refund of the registration fee (discounting expenses derived from the transfer), thereby waiving to participate in the Congress.


Late work will not be accepted. The deadline for receiving the papers will be the following:

ACTION Sending complete texts Evaluation of communications Notification/acceptance/refusal/modification Forwarding of complete communications (if necessary) Sending of multimedia material with communication exposition to include in congress platform (optional)
WHO? Authors Scientific Committee Congress Secretrariat Authors Autores/as

Until 05/02/2018

05/02/2018 to 20/02/2018 21/02/2018 to 28/02/2018 01/03/2018 to 06/03/2018 From acceptance to 08/03/2018
* The dates indicated are those established as the limit for the notification. The organization will contact the people responsible for authorship as far in advance as possible for the resubmission of papers if necessary.


  1. Experiencias pedagógicas e Innovación en ámbitos educativos no universitarios. Experiencias educativas novedosas, buenas prácticas, reflexiones, aportaciones docentes e investigadoras sobre la praxis educativa en los niveles no universitarios: Educación Infantil, Primaria, Secundaria, Educación de personas Adultas, Mayores y Formación Profesional Reglada, Ocupacional y Continua.
  2. Innovación pedagógica y Calidad en la Universidad. Experiencias educativas novedosas, buenas prácticas, reflexiones, aportaciones docentes e investigadoras sobre la praxis educativa y mejora de la calidad en la Universidad.
  3. Nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación en contextos formativos. El impacto de las Nuevas Tecnologías en todos los niveles educativos y formativos en los ámbitos formal, no formal e informal desde todas las perspectivas y aproximaciones paradigmáticas: reflexiones, experiencia e investigación. Diseño, desarrollo y aplicaciones didácticas de los cursos masivos online abiertos (MOOC).
  4. Educación y Sociedad: Innovaciones en el Siglo XXI. Reflexiones, experiencias e investigación aplicada respecto a la Formación, la Educación y el Trabajo Social. Animación sociocultural, desarrollo comunitario, promoción de la Salud, mejora de la calidad de vida de las personas, sostenibilidad medioambiental, cooperación para el desarrollo, estudios de género e igualdad, educación y formación de personas adultas.


The works must be congruent with all of the Thematic Lines of the Congress, be structured in a clear and organized manner and make a significant contribution to the knowledge or practice of the educational community. They must be written exclusively in the template that can be downloaded from this same page and have an extension of between 5 and 10 pages. For the purposes of publication, the following Rules must be followed:

  • Title of the paper in capital letters.
  • Name of the Thematic Line to which the contribution belongs:
    1. Pedagogical experiences and Innovation in non-university educational environment
    2. Pedagogical innovation and Quality in the University
    3. New Information Technologies and Communication in educational contexts
    4. Education and Society: Innovations in the XXI century
  • NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL DATA (These data will be included when recording the paper through the online system)
  • Summary of the paper in a maximum of 200 words.
  • Keywords: Among three (3 ) and five (5) keywords that describe the paper.
  • Bibliographic references must be adapted to the APA Standards. For more information: www.apastyle.org
  • If you want to include images, they must be original, indicated authorship , and be conveniently interspersed throughout the text in .gif or .jpg format


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For the submission of papers, the management system established for this will be used. Previously you must register in it.

inscripcionboton   envio ponencia;  guia



Once the paper is accepted, optionally, you can send some type of multimedia material (slides, video, info-graphics, etc.) that summarizes and / or complements the work presented. This material will be exposed together with the work presented. Please, DO NOT SEND THIS MATERIAL together with the PAPER, wait to receive the acceptance of publication of your paper and to be informed of the delivery times and the way to send it. The supported documentation formats are presented below. If you have any material in a different format, please contact the organization in advance before making the shipment.

  • Slide Presentations:
    • File format: Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt o .pptx), Impress de OpenOffice or LibreOffice (.odp o .fodp).
    • Online Slides: Prezi, Mindomo, PowToon, or any other online slide presentation systema that allows you to obtain an HTML embed code.
  • Video:
    • File format: .mp4 o .avi.
    • Online video: Any video hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or streaming devices that provide HTML embed code.
  • Info-graphics or similar: They may be sent in image format using any of the following extensions: .jpg, .tiff, .png or .svg
  • Otros: If you want to use some other system not indicated here, please contact the organization beforehand to contemplate its possibility.