¿Qué obtengo al inscribirme en Innovagogía?

Registration to the Congress will be done exclusively through the REGISTRATION SYSTEM. You must complete the form in its entirety and you will receive an email with a user and some access codes with which you can access again later and manage the submission of papers.

Registration in Congress (in the corresponding modality) gives the right to:

  • Send up to 2 papers / communications that, after being reviewed by peers, and once accepted, will be hosted in the Virtual Space of the Congress that will have access during the days in which the event is held.
  • The abstracts of the papers / communications presented will be included in an original publication (Book of Minutes) that will have the corresponding ISBN requested by the Congress organization.
  • The accepted papers, (no longer summarized) will be included later in a monograph published by the prestigious Editorial Octaedro (SPI with the first percentile in Education).
  • Finally, those papers / communications that, according to the criteria of the Review Committee and the Organizing Committee, stand out for their quality and scientific interest, will be proposed to be published either in the Hekademos Educational Journal or in the International Journal of Educational Research and Innovation of Educational Research and Innovation.

 Beneficios Innovagogia

IMPORTANT: In the event that a Paper is written by several people, it is necessary that they are all registered in the Congress and that they have made the corresponding payment for it to be published. In case some author did not make the corresponding payment, prior notification and acceptance of the other authors, would be eliminated from the authorship.




(assistance only)
Until December 30 58 € 30 €
From December 30 to March 19 70 €



  • PAYMENT WITH PAYPAL (from any country)

NOTE: The payment through Paypal is very safe, very simple and allows you and us to manage payments and possible returns in a convenient and agile way. The payment includes a small increase in commission, which, like any bank, charges Paypal. This commission is shared by the participant and the organization of the Congress. If for any reason, it is totally impossible to make the payment with Paypal, contact the Secretariat of the Congress indicating the reason. We will try to provide you, if possible, an alternative payment method.. CONTACT